Squidoo Earnings Update

Squidoo has just released its latest earnings update.

This update covers the month of July. My total earnings for July were $13.26, compared to $9.49 for the previous period.

Some highlights: Computer Game Making For Kids earned $4.12, up from $3.80. Roleplaying With Kids also earned $4.12, up from $3.80. My personal lens, Who Is Jay Shaffstall? earned $.04, down from $.65.

The main factor in these earnings figures is traffic (this is all Adsense sharing revenue). I’ve basically allowed Google to send me what traffic it wanted, without doing anything in the way of traffic building.

Will this continue to rise? With the additional lenses I’ve created, I imagine so.

How does this compare to running your own blog with adsense? Poorly. Your earnings from a blog running adsense will be higher, because you’re not sharing anything with Squidoo. But, a blog that covered as many diverse topics as my lenses cover probably wouldn’t get much in the way of regular readers.

Plus, creating a Squidoo lens is dead simple and free, while starting up a blog does have some overhead and cost associated with it.

If you have a topic about which you’re passionate and plan to generate a lot of content about, start a blog.

If you have a topic you want to put up a quick single page about, create a Squidoo lens.

7 Replies to “Squidoo Earnings Update”

  1. This month was my first squidoo payout having only joined at the very end of June. I only built a few lenses in July and one I worked hard on has certainly paid off as it acheived a top teir pay out of $4.03! Not only that, but the affiliate royalties from having only 2 money making modules added an extra $11 on that one lens alone! So I’d reccomend adding a couple of money makers to your lens and place relevent items in it.
    Other tips are to keep it updated and to check back at least weekly on your traffic stats using this to add tags from the keywords people are using to find the lens. I’ve created a few more lenses since July so am looking forward to my next payout! For a more detailed break down on earnings click on my name and check my blog out where I have a more detailed breakdown.

  2. Hi Pearl, it’s worth putting up a lens or two and seeing what happens.

    Roo, great job on earnings from a few lenses! I haven’t had much luck putting money makers in my lenses. I use Amazon and Cafe Press where appropriate, but don’t get any activity from them.

  3. Nicely done! Yes, the top lensmasters make over $100 (and a few over $500) per month. They put a lot of hard work into it and are doing great things for charity. And taking home a little themselves. 🙂

    Squidoo’s Community Organizer

  4. I have 15 lenses and make approx $12-$13 dollars a month so far for two months running, but I don’t know what lense the momney comes from as my earning stats always say zero in all lenses, but squidoo certainly helps my total monthly online earnings.

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