Yuwie First Month Report

The month of August has come and gone, and the first set of earnings are available at Yuwie.

I ended up with a total of 22,879 page views between myself and my referrals. The amount paid out per 1,000 page views was $0.47. Depending on what level a page view was generated on in the referral tree, I ended up with some percentage of that $0.47.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the percentage and amount earned at each level:

Yuwie August Earnings

Now, $0.66 for the month probably doesn’t seem like much. Some points to keep in mind.

1) Most of my referrals were not active. Many people signed up to have a look around, and then apparently decided Yuwie wasn’t right for them at the time.

2) Since they weren’t active, most of my referrals did not get referrals of their own. So my referral tree is more of a pole, with relatively the same number of people at each level. At each level, very nearly one person is responsible for all the referrals on the next level.

3) In a single month, my referral tree grew down to level 7.

4) In the first six days of September, I have nearly half as many page views from referrals as in the entire month of August.

5) You earn three times as much from your level 10 referrals as you do yourself.

So, my conclusions from this are that you have to be in Yuwie for the long-term benefit. To get to the point of making serious money, you need active referrals all the way down an expanding tree. You can’t really do much about referrals being active or not, but for those that are active you can help them to build up their own set of referrals, and encourage them to do the same for their referrals.

This will help to expand the tree, which is where your earnings potential lies. If the tree expands all the way down to level 10, you’ve suddenly got a pretty nice income.

Luckily, getting referrals to Yuwie is pretty easy, as shown by #3 above. Most of my referrals come from online efforts, but most of their referrals come from friends and family they’ve told about Yuwie. Those are the people who will tend to be more active, because you know them outside of Yuwie.

Here’s a guide I wrote about getting the most out of Yuwie. It’ll give you an idea about what’s required to get results.

Click here to see what Yuwie is all about.

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