The Wall of Blogs

I figured I’d plug Enkay Blog‘s latest project (better late than never!)

The Wall of Blogs is a way to get a permanent link back to your blog, and to get some advertising at the same time. You can see the original announcement here.

This is similar to the pixel purchase sites that pop up now and then. I typically stay away from these sorts of projects for a few reasons.

1) The amount of space you get isn’t really worth it. You get a tiny space to fit a blog logo into, so the advertising value is almost non existent.

2) The sites themselves need to gain PR to give you much value for the link, and there are a lot of clone sites out there competing for attention.

I did purchase three blocks on The Wall of Blogs, though, for these reasons:

1) Well, it’s done by Enkay, which makes it cool!

2) You get a lot of space, plenty to show a blog logo so it’s actually readable.

3) I expect all the blogs that buy space will post about it and link to The Wall of Blogs, because of #1 and #2, so in the next PR update a link from it could be a nice boost.

I found out about The Wall of Blogs late, since I’ve been neglecting my RSS reader again. So I ended up with the first set of blocks on level 2 of the site. The plan is to rotate ads, though, so every ad will display above the fold for at least a few days during the month. This is a great move, and provides continuing value even to late adopters.

At $5 a block, this is one of the best values in pixel advertising I’ve seen.

Go get your blocks now!

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  1. Hi Fred, you’re welcome! The main purpose of these sites is a backlink for PR purposes. This particular one might be good for some traffic, too, since the screen real estate you get is so large compared to similar sites. It’s a bit early in its life to say for certain, though.

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