Quick Zlio Update

Click here for my original Zlio Review if you missed it.

Zlio recently expanded the number of stores you’re able to create to 20. So now you can create 20 niche stores to sell various products. This is a big benefit over having a single store with multiple niches served, because you can perform promotion better on a store with a small niche.

And you do need to perform basic promotion on the stores. Submit them to directories, mention them in your blog to get links, write articles linking to them, etc. Since I originally opened my store I’ve received 1 organic search visitor. I’ve also done zero promotion for the store.

With proper link building and promotion, a Zlio store should do quite well. I like to think of Zlio as the Squidoo of online stores, since it makes creating a niche store trivially easy.

Click here to open your own store.

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