AutoResponder Review — My Traffic Empire

I wanted to look at some popular autoresponders and highlight the features each has. If you don’t have an autoresponder yet but want one, I hope this post and the ones that follow help you to decide which one is best for you.

Membership to My Traffic Empire is a $20 one-time fee. That gives you unlimited autoresponders for life, and a lifetime professional upgrade at the My-E-Traffic exchange.

With most of the other autoresponders I’ll review weighing in at dollars per month, a one-time fee is ideal for someone who isn’t making a profit yet.

The first of the features I mentioned in the last post was subscription by email. The My Traffic Empire autoresponder does not have this feature. This is primarily an issue if you plan to build your list using coregistration services, where subscribing via email is almost always required. If you plan to build your list using search engine traffic and other targeted means, then you can do without subscription by email.

The next feature was a customizable thank you page. This is important mostly to allow you to remind subscribers to check their spam folder for the confirmation email, and to tell them what email address to white list. My Traffic Empire does provide the option to specify your own thank you page, both for when they first signup and then after they confirm their subscription.

Customization of emails is a very nice feature, and My Traffic Empire provides a limited amount. You can add a custom header and footer to every email that is sent. An update that is planned for the near future will allow you to customize the confirmation emails, which can be key to getting them delivered.

The My Traffic Empire autoresponder’s delivery rate isn’t great. My Gmail account flags it as spam every time. When they add in customization of confirmation emails, this should improve considerably.

Broadcasting emails at will is important for providing time sensitive opportunities to your subscribers. My Traffic Empire allows for broadcasting to all subscribers, and even has an advanced feature for split testing emails. You can send one email to some portion of your subscribers, and another email to the other portion. This lets you track which email provided a better response rate.

Link tracking is critical in any advertising. My Traffic Empire has built in link tracking, so you don’t need to use your normal ad tracking service inside your list emails.

Overall, I’d give the My Traffic Empire autoresponder a B for features and an A+ for value.

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