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Here’s how to get other people to do some keyword research for you. Step 1: Install a do-follow plugin This lets people who comment on your blog get a little SEO benefit from doing so. Step 2: Put your site into a do-follow directory This lets you be found by the people who use automatic [...]

Progress continues on getting the web site set up for my latest ebook. But slowly. Every time I start working on the upsell package (a video tutorial series, plus some WordPress goodies), it’s ever so tempting to just come over here and write a blog post instead. Blogging is easy, and that’s part of what [...]

Google Calendar Plugin

I’ve been a bit sidetracked from my IM efforts lately, because of the need to build a web site listing local organic food resources in my area. As part of that site creation, I needed to display a list of dates in the sidebar. I run an organic food co-op, and members need to know [...]

Random Commission Checks

I received an unexpected check last week from an affiliate network. It was unexpected because I hadn’t really promoted anything from that network for six months or more, so I didn’t expect to have made any sales. Yet there was the check. So I went online, logged in to the affiliate network, and ran some [...]

When Planning Fails

Recently, my three year old daughter decided she wanted to go visit her grandparents. That was fine, we’d recently moved and were only about half an hour away from them. So my wife packed up a few things, and away they went, planning on being home that evening. I get a call that evening from [...]

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