Entertainment 4 Less Review

Entertainment 4 Less (E4L) is an MLM in the prelaunch phase.

A pretty common tactic in a prelaunch phase is to offer heavily discounted memberships. E4L took this tactic to the extreme, offering free lifetime memberships. The reason an MLM company does this is to build a large base of members. It’d be pretty embarrassing to launch and only have a couple of people buying the product. By having a prelaunch phase and discounting (or giving away) memberships, the company gets a lot of people who are emotionally invested in the company’s success. They’ll stay in and buy when the time comes, because they hope to make money.

The basic product at E4L is discounted media and equipment: DVD movies, video games, home theater equipment, etc. When they launch, that’s the sort of thing you’ll be able to buy. And you’ll earn a commission when your referrals purchase.

E4L uses a 3×7 forced matrix, so you’ll get some spillover from your sponsors. You earn commissions on purchases from anyone under you in that matrix. They also do a 100% matching bonus for your direct referrals. If a direct referral of your earns $100 in a month, you get a bonus of $100 that month.

Like most free membership programs, E4L has an upgrade option (they call it a VIP upgrade). This gives you a discount on MLM leads and customer signups. Customer signups are people who found E4L not through a sponsor link but through the website directly, or through E4L’s own advertising, and are looking to buy products, not make money (I’m not sure how they determine this). These people count as your personally sponsored referrals. The cost is currently $150 for 25.

So, is E4L a legitimate opportunity?

It’s far too early to tell. The idea of a discount media club could take off, or could flop. The main benefit to getting in now is that it’s free, and if you don’t want to do anything more than get spillover from your sponsor you can join and forget about it. If it becomes popular, you might earn something from it.

You can see the web page here. Click on the “Make Money EZ” link across the top for the details, such as they are, of how the commissions work.

What do you think? Is this a legitimate opportunity or a scam waiting to happen?

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  1. While Most MLM Programs look promising the reality is that it still comes down to your own efforts. If you are going to wait for others to give you spillover you will be waiting until the cows come home. The promise of spillover is only for lazy people that want something for nothing. My best advice is to find something that will give you results based upon your efforts and a mentor that will truly help you become successful in your venture. Spillover is a myth because everyone is looking for it and no one does any work or even get the product. So I ask you, why even get involved with something like that to only spin your wheels?

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