12 Days of Marketing Christmas Update

The giveaways started this week at the 12 Days of Christmas site.

So far, I haven’t been too impressed with most of the giveaways, but one in particular is quite good. Ian Traynor donated Web Protect Pro and Webmastery Magic. Both are software tools that provide useful utilities if you’re selling anything online.

Web Protect Pro provides a tool for generating cloaked links that live on your server. You don’t really need that if you’ve read my DIY Link Cloaking post, but the tool makes it a bit easier than editing your own PHP files. Web Protect Pro also includes a utility for putting your email on a page but keeping spammers from getting it, and a way to protect the folders that contain your product files (the ones people are supposed to pay for before they get).

Webmastery Magic is a utility that allows you to generate fancy navbars and other navigational aids for websites you create, without knowing much HTML. You don’t need this if you’re using something like WordPress to create your sites, but if you’re creating standalone sites this could help.

I’m a sucker for software, especially free software, so I’m pretty pleased with this package. The rest of the giveaways so far are the normal run of ebooks on Internet Marketing. If you feel like you need ebooks to learn Internet Marketing, click here to get some for free instead of paying for them.

I’ll keep you all posted on other gems that show up during the giveaway.

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