Membership to Traffic Wave is $17.95 a month, and include unlimited autoresponders, ad trackers, and an FFA lead generation system.

Traffic Wave autoresponders do allow subscription by email. Each autoresponder gets its own email address, and email sent to that email is subscribed to the list. To comply with US spam laws, the new subscriber is sent a confirmation message and must click the link in the message before they will receive any emails.

A customizable thank you page is not an option in Traffic Wave autoresponders. Instead, subscribers are taken to a standard thank you page that includes advertising banners you’ve specified.

Update: Traffic Wave just provided new features that do allow for a customizable thank you page for both subscription and confirmation. I’ve updated the final grade below to account for this upgrade.

Customization of emails is limited. You can specify a message to be sent in the confirmation email, but all emails sent have the standard Traffic Wave header and footer. These headers and footers are designed to comply with US spam laws by providing a clear notice that the email was sent from a list, and providing contact information and unsubscribe information. The amount of text in the headers and footers is a bit much, in my opinion, and detracts a bit from the actual email you’re sending.

Delivery rate is very good. I’ve never had a Traffic Wave confirmation message flagged as spam.

The autoresponders allow simple broadcasting of messages to the entire email list. They do not provide split testing.

Link tracking is also not provided in the autoresponder itself, but you do get unlimited ad trackers. So you could easily use ad tracking links to track clicks in your autoresponder emails. It’s just a little more cumbersome to do so than with an autoresponder that has automatic link tracking.

Overall, I’d give Traffic Wave a B for features, and a B- for value. The lack of a customizable thank you page and email customization makes it harder to create a professional feel to subscribing to your list. The monthly price tag is on the high end, but comparable to other professional grade autoresponders.

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