I’d mentioned in a recent post that I’m now using the DoFollow plugin as a way of rewarding commentators to the blog with a link that search engines will follow.

I just ran across a post about a DoFollow directory. The basic idea is that if your blog uses the DoFollow plugin, you can submit it to the directory. If you want to find blogs that use DoFollow, you can use the directory.

Finding other blogs that use DoFollow is helpful for two reasons.

First, supporting those blogs keeps them alive, and increases the chances that more blogs will use DoFollow.

Second, leaving comments on those blogs will have a positive effect on your blog’s page rank and and search engine results positioning.

It’s worth noting that keyword stuffing is considered to be impolite in DoFollow blogs, though. Keyword stuffing is using a keyword as your name instead of you name, in order to rank higher for that keyword in search engines. Some DoFollow blog owners will not approve comments that use keyword stuffing.

If you have a DoFollow blog, head over to the directory and add your blog!

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