Yuwie September Earnings

September earnings for Yuwie are available.

My August earnings at Yuwie were a modest $0.66. September earnings are still modest, but have increased to $2.15, for a 325% jump. This is due to an increased referral tree, since my own activity in September was less than my activity in August, due to the move to a new city.

The amount paid out per 1,000 page views was $0.46, down one cent from August.

Here’s the chart breaking down the income for September:

Yuwie September Earnings

An increase like this while my personal page views and the amount earned per 1,000 page views went down is pretty nice. It should be clear that Yuwie is a program you have to plan to be in long-term to succeed with, since early income is low until you build your referral tree to a decent size.

In fact, building deep and wide is so important in Yuwie, I’ve decided that I now have as many first level referrals as I need. The Yuwie example shows 3 active referrals at each level resulting in $10,000 a month. My 24 first level referrals is a bit of an overkill, and I’m more than ready to start helping them get referrals of their own.

So, if you joined Yuwie through one of my links, contact me and I’ll start sending some of my referral traffic your way. I’ll also contact you all individually through Yuwie. The only requirement is that you be active on Yuwie itself, showing that you’re investing the time needed to succeed.

Update: the rotator is now set up, so new signups through any of my links will go to my active first level referrals who’ve sent me their Yuwie referral URLs.

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  1. Hi Neil, my perspective exactly. We will see how the coming months go, but it looks promising so far. Too many people fail to take the long view on building income, unfortunately.

    For example, I have had only one of the 20 some people I offered to give referrals to respond. That one person is now getting all of my referral traffic. The others, I imagine, see the low initial earnings and give up.

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