Yuwie October Earnings

October earnings for Yuwie are available.

My September earnings at Yuwie were $2.15. October earnings are $3.11. The amount of the increase was far lower than the August to September increase (from $0.66 to $2.15).

This is due to a drastic drop in the amount made per page view, from $0.46 to $0.35. Personally, I blame the addition of annoying pop-ups and interstitial ads. The Yuwie admins have apparently not learned from the lessons of other online sites that use advertising, that tastefully done advertising is far more effective than in-your-face ads.

My overall page views went from 77,705 in September to 126,301 in October. Here’s the chart for October:

Yuwie October Earnings

With any luck, the admins will wake up and realize that pushing more and more ads out to the members isn’t going to increase value to the advertisers, and go back to a quality feeling site, rather than the spammy sort of feel you get on Yuwie these days.

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  1. Well, I have been visiting on there a lot lately. I am still trying to get the fell of it. I don’t understand a lot of it but I gues it is like any other site, takes a little while before you understand it. I am still working to build my referrals, any suggestions?

  2. To get referrals, do all the usual things…blog posts, some classified ads, a Squidoo page, etc. If you have friends who like social sites, mention it to them, too.

    If you decide to advertise it on traffic exchanges, create your own splash page rather than using your Yuwie referral link directly. That movie of theirs often doesn’t start playing until after the traffic exchange timer expires.

    I’ve also seen people who find a popular TV show and then put up a Squidoo page about “where to discuss the show” and create a Yuwie club for it.

  3. Another way to get referrals that I haven’t tried is to setup a domain name with a redirect to your Yuwie referral page, and then put flyers up all over town that use your domain name and talk about making money online through socializing. Some people have had great results with that sort of advertising.

  4. I might do this and see if it helps. I finally got some referrals which isn’t bad for someon who just started being active on the site. I’m under you, right? If so, this will also help you. The problem is that only two are active and I have been leaving comments on all of their pages. The two that are active are doing great though. One is a personal friend of mine who just signed up today but she is pretty pumped up and needing extra money. The other is this guy who never writes in his blog but has hit 14,000 page views between 11’24’07 and 11’26’07 so he is doing great. I need a strategy to get the other involved, any suggestions? The others haven’t even signed in since they signed up for Yuwie, is there anything that I can do to get them active?

  5. If there’s a technique to get inactive referrals involved, I haven’t found it yet. The best you can do is leave them messages now and then.

    Every inactive referral is a potential active member, but you’ll have to wait for them to come back to the site. I’ve had some be inactive for months, and then suddenly start being active.

  6. [quote post=”413″]Are you referring too me being one of your inactive members for months.[/quote]

    *laugh* You are a good example of how someone can come back and make a go of the site after a while. I do it, too, I’ll sign up for something and not have a chance to really investigate it, and come back to it later.

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