WordPress Updated

I finally bit the bullet, and updated my very-out-of-date version of WordPress. I’d been having trouble with the old one not allowing me to moderate comments.

Unfortunately, I had so many spam comments that I just deleted them all. My apologies to the legitimate comments in the past year that got deleted, too. With the new version of WordPress I should be able to keep up with moderating comments now.

If you find links not working, do let me know. It’s hard to tell what plugins might not be working, and it’ll be slow going for me to double check each.

In other news, the ebook that I’d written long ago and intended to sell, will shortly be given away for free. I’ll post it here when I do, as a reward for the people who keep checking back here even after so long a time of inactivity.

On an SEO note, the search engine traffic to the blog has not dropped off due to my lack of updating the site. So while new sites do need regular updating to keep their rankings, established sites (mine had about a year and a half of regular posting) apparently do not. Something to keep in mind.

3 Replies to “WordPress Updated”

  1. Jay, I am glad to see you get back into the groove of things. It’s been nearly a year since your last post but who cares! Maybe just set a goal to post once a week or maybe even once a month. Either way, welcome back! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jay for the SEO nugget you just share with us. I just started a new blog integrated to my existing website and I am trying to keep up with posting regularly. I have also noticed awhile back that another blog of mine has dropped in Google PageRank when I did not updated it for about 3 months. Then when I started posting again within 2 weeks the PR went back to its previous value.

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