Win A Free Web Site For the New Year

One of my resolutions this year is to get back to holding regular contests, so I’m going to start the year off with a doozy.

The prize is a free SBI! site for a year. This is a $299 value, and includes the absolute best set of step-by-step instructions for creating a profitable, high quality niche site that I’ve ever seen. You also get free autoresponders and ad trackers for use on your niche site, along with a year’s worth of web hosting for the site and access to SBI!’s Block Builder, a no-HTML way to build websites.

To qualify to win the prize, you must do two things:

1) Leave a comment on this post saying that you’re entering the contest.

2) At the stroke of midnight (EST) on January 31st, 2008, be one of the ten people listed in the top commentators list on Online Opportunity. Note that I have it counting only comments in the last 30 days.

And that’s it. At the end of the contest I’ll hold a random drawing to pick the winner. Every person in the top commentator’s list gets one entry for every comment listed by their name. So if you leave 100 comments over the month, you get 100 entries in the random drawing. But even a person with 1 entry can still win.

Since I anticipate more entries than my normal high-tech paper-in-a-bag technique can handle, I’ll use the month to write a computer program to do the drawing. Or maybe I’ll assign that as an exercise to my students.

This is a great opportunity to test drive SBI! for a full year. At the end of the year, you pick up the $299 yearly fee for subsequent years. If you’re not making enough from your site to cover that, just don’t renew it (although, you’ve probably not followed the action guide if you’re not making at least that by the end of the year).

Good luck to everyone who enters!

P.S. A quick update on my SBI! niche site…after about 30 days it started receiving traffic from targeted keywords in Google. I was a bit surprised, since normally my sites take longer than that to start to rate highly in Google. I checked the traffic stats, and found the site on the first page of Google (typically in the first 3 results) for half a dozen highly targeted long-tail keywords. The site was also on pages 2 and 3 for some higher traffic, shorter keywords.

All this without my doing any promotion, link building, or SEO at all, other than just using the SBI! tools. I’m looking forward to when the site is complete enough to start doing link building and promotion, and seeing the results improve even more.

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  1. Dang Jay, that’s quite a giveaway. I guess, technically, this enters me but I really came by to say Happy New Year and best wishes for 2008! Sorry about not commenting..I haven’t been doing it at anyone’s blog. I plan to make a ‘public’ apology on that to all my fellow bloggers;)

    Good luck with the contest. I’ll blog about it:)

  2. [quote post=”456″]Good luck with the contest. I’ll blog about it:)[/quote]

    Thanks, Lori! I plan on getting it into the contest sites, too, later in the week when I have the time.

    [quote post=”456″]Great contest. SBI is one of the best. Thanks for the opportunity.[/quote]

    You’re welcome, Paul! I agree, SBI is a great product. Every day I work with it I find more to love about it.

    Good luck!

  3. [quote post=”456″]I blogged about your contest here[/quote]

    Thanks, Matt!

    [quote post=”456″]Sounds like a great contest and great prize! I’ll enter. I’ve rss’ed you so I won’t miss out any great posts to comment on.[/quote]

    Hi Harmony! Legitimate comments on older posts also count, so late in the month I’d expect people to start browsing the archives to boost their comment count. Good luck!

  4. [quote post=”456″]Sounds like an interesting contest. Consider me in![/quote]

    Good luck, Scott!

    [quote post=”456″]Awesome giveaway jay – best of luck![/quote]

    Thanks, Rob, and thanks for the plug on Home Biz Blogger!

  5. [quote post=”456″]A great web site is terrific. So when someone wins, what are your tips for drawing traffic for the site? SEO obviously, but I find building traffic takes more time than almost anything else.[/quote]

    SBI! has that covered. SEO is almost completely taken care of by the tools…you still have to pick good keywords, but the action guide steps you through that.

    Sitemap pinging is built in, which is where the traffic to my not yet finished niche site is coming from, ranking in Google and Yahoo just on the strength of the content and SEO (with zero backlinks).

    The action guide also takes you through getting directory links, and more importantly getting in-context links from other websites (through their Value Exchange program) in your niche.

    So if you follow the action guide, and resist the temptation to stray from it, you’ll have good organic traffic before the year is out, likely much sooner.

  6. Hmm I like the prize of the contest so I’m going to be joining. ^_^
    I’m wondering if this would increase the number of spam comments you have because people will comment for the purpose of getting to your top commentators list?

  7. [quote post=”456″]I’m wondering if this would increase the number of spam comments you have because people will comment for the purpose of getting to your top commentators list?[/quote]

    Hi Allen, that’s a concern. I’m pretty strict about comments that I approve, and don’t hesitate to delete comments during contests that seem like they were done solely to up the comment count.

    So part of my job during the contest is to make sure any zero-value comments don’t stick around and foul up the results.

  8. please! count me in. Thank you 🙂

    [quote comment=””]Win Your Own Website!…

    If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!What better way to start the New Year than with your own website!! You can win your own SBI website from Online Opportunity. Jay is holding this awesome contest tha…[/quote]

  9. [quote comment=””]I am new to all of this and a free site would help! Thanks for the opportunity![/quote]

    You’re welcome, Dawn! Good luck to you!

    [quote post=”456″]please! count me in. Thank you[/quote]

    Good to have you here Tanyetta!

  10. Hi Jay,

    First of all, I wish you and your faily a Happy New Year.

    I came across the SBI since 2 years and I didn’t take any positive action toward it. I don’t know why?

    Mybe because I have no special experience or specific knowledge that can add value to others.

    But I this it is time to enter the contest…

    Thank you for making this challange.

    Best regards,


  11. [quote post=”456″]I came across the SBI since 2 years and I didn’t take any positive action toward it. I don’t know why?[/quote]

    Hi Majdi, this is pretty common (I took about six months to finally try it out). The SBI! web pages talk about what SBI! can do for you, but you really don’t “get it” until you use it. And there’s so much there, it seems as if the web pages are making typical hyped up claims, again until you use it and realize exactly what you are getting.

    Good luck on the contest!

  12. [quote comment=””]Hi Carl, you’re halfway there! Just make sure you’re on the top commentators list at the end of January, and you’ll be in the drawing.

    Good luck![/quote]

    Excelent contest, I’d love to enter and could surely use the help. I have a site with very little traffic or advert yet I manage to get about 4 letters, asking for advice, a week. Go figure?


  13. [quote comment=””]Hi Aunt Babz! You must be doing something right, if you’re getting a trickle of visitors to take action. Great advice on your blog, by the way.

    Good luck in the contest![/quote]

    I will be entering the contest if its not too late! Thanks

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