Widget Bucks Review

Widget Bucks is a neat little widget you can put into your blog’s sidebar or posts to make money.

It’s a bit like Google’s Adsense, in that it scans the contents of your post and selects appropriate links to display. That way the links are relevant to the content, and of more interest to your readers.

Unlike Google Adsense, which displays advertising links, Widget Bucks displays products to buy. You get money when someone clicks on a link to go see the product. You also earn from referring others to the program.

As a signup bonus, Widget Bucks gives you $25 in your account. Minimum payout is $50, so they’re trying to ease the effort in getting your first payout.

How does Widget Bucks compare to linking out to products yourself?

Widget Bucks wins on convenience. Their widget automatically selects appropriate products and displays those links.

Your own links win on commissions. You’ll make more by linking to products yourself, at the cost of having to take the time to find appropriate products relevant to every post you write, sign up for affiliate programs, etc.

People just starting out in blogging may want to try Widget Bucks to see if they even get any interest in buying products from their readers, and then transition into their own product links if it looks promising.

Click here to sign up and get your $25 bonus.

Here’s a sample widget:

writeWBStyles(“www.widgetbucks.com”);setTimeout(function(){var day = “” + new Date().getMonth() + new Date().getDate() + new Date().getYear();var widget = new mpireWidget(“http://www.widgetbucks.com/widgets/wbtw300x250.swf?uid=3Ralvx5WgqCrwOaf&apiURL=http://www.widgetbucks.com&day=”+day,”3Ralvx5WgqCrwOaf”);widget.write(“container_3Ralvx5WgqCrwOaf”);},Math.floor((Math.random() * 150) – (-(Math.random() * 150))) – (-200))

10 Replies to “Widget Bucks Review”

  1. Yes, I’ve installed WB ad on my blog for only about a week and I must say it is performing better than Adsense!

    I agreed with Lori this WB widget will be so much more powerful when implemented on a product specific blog!

  2. Where do you come up with this stuff. I am going to try it out for a while since I started getting subscribers to my blog hopefully it will help. I didn’t want to put Adsense on the blog because it really hasn’t seemed to be making a lot of money on my other blog and it gets way more visitors.

  3. I have widget bucks on several of my blogs and on two forums. Over a week of testing I found that widget bucks does bring in more income for product based sites. On site I have it on is for cell phones and the cell phone widget gets a really nice click rate and a good cpc. On one blog I have that is not product specific it does ok but not as well as adsense. One week is hardly a good trial run so I will leave it there another 5 weeks and see whats up

  4. [quote post=”382″]Over a week of testing I found that widget bucks does bring in more income for product based sites.[/quote]

    That makes sense. Let us know how it does in the long run, whether you continue to get clicks. If the products listed are always the same, it seems like regular readers won’t continue to click them. Adsense ads at least do have a fair amount of variety over time.

  5. I tried it and have to say that I didn’t really like it. Yah, it brought in money but it took my site forever to load so I took it off. I tried it on another blog and had the same problem.

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