Why Are You Paying For Ebooks?

Regular readers will know how I feel about ebooks in general. People do buy them, though, which is odd given how easy it is to get them for free.

Especially this month!

Seems like there are umpteen Christmas giveaway sites with tons of ebooks, software, and memberships, most available for free. Some of these products are already available for free, but most are products that are being given as an incentive for you to join the author’s list.

Here are the three giveaway sites I’ve run across so far:

Santa Sal’s Christmas Giveaway

The fictional character Sal, of Site Swiper fame, is running a giveaway site. It’s loaded with ebooks, but there are also a few memberships in there that might be worth having for the contacts and ad credits.

Note that I haven’t gone through the entire list yet, because there are several hundred products available.

12 Days of Christmas

I’ve posted about this one before. The gifts here are released every other day, so you get a chance to look them over as they come out. A bunch of ebooks again, with some useful software packages thrown in.

30 Days of Christmas

Another “days of Christmas” type site. This one seems to be a lot of master resale rights packages in different niches, along with the usual run of Internet Marketing ebooks.

So, if you’re still thinking of spending money on ebooks this season, sign up to these sites instead and download all the ebooks you can handle (even if you get snowed in for Christmas!)

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