Where To Get Great Post Ideas

Most people who blog understand the need to produce regular content at regular times.

Regular content means that Google knows when to visit your page to find your new posts, which means that your posts get indexed nearly immediately. When you don’t produce regular content, Google will not visit your site as often, delaying when your posts are available in search results.

But, producing content on a regular basis is often hard! Especially if you’ve chosen daily posting. Coming up with great content every single day just isn’t possible.

So some posts are one-offs, posts you write to get some content on the blog, but they’re not what you consider to be great posts.

Where do the great post ideas come from?

From your recent experiences. If you’re writing about making money online, for example, you must be out there actually trying to make money online (more than just through your blog). That way you’ll run into the same problems and issues that your readers do, and when you run into those problems and issues…write a post about how you solved them.

That makes the posts relevant, and improves the value of your blog to your readers. If all you do is recycle whatever is on other blogs, then you’re not providing value.

Whatever your niche is, be active within it and the great post ideas will come. Don’t just write, but do.

P.S. Yes, this is one of those one-off posts. The sponsored blog over at The Advisory Panel is getting close to going public, so I’m spending a lot of my online time working with that. It’s exciting to see a project like that grow, and I’m looking forward to doing more sponsored projects when the first one is running well.

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