Where to Get Freebies to Build Your List

I’ve talked recently about using freebies to build your list.

Finding suitable freebies can be tough, though. Well, the problem isn’t so much finding an ebook you can give away, but finding ones that your visitors haven’t all seen hundreds of times. And sometimes it seems as if all the ebooks are about Internet marketing.

I ran across the Home Income Team today. The site itself is a downline builder and list builder. I’ll review it properly in another post. What I want to talk about now is the OTO you get when you signup for Home Income Team.

It’s for a product called Instant Profit Brander.

The idea behind Instant Profit Brander is that, by giving away ebooks to build your list, you’re also giving away advertising for someone else. People don’t write ebooks just to be nice, generally, they include monetized links inside the ebooks. You don’t get any money from your subscribers who buy from those links (some ebooks offer rebranding, which you should always do…this replaces their affiliate IDs in the ebook links with your own. Instant Profit Brander is for those ebooks you cannot rebrand).

The software generates a package that shows your ad before the user sees the ebook. So you’re building some brand recognition, and reminding them where they received this useful ebook.

But the software isn’t the main part of the OTO. You also get a huge collection of niche ebooks with resell rights. The best part is that some of these are not about Internet Marketing! If your niche is guitar playing, there’s an ebook on learning how to play. There’s a German phrase ebook.

You can do a web search on Instant Profit Brander and find the basic set of ebooks and software for $47. Through the Home Income Team OTO, you get that plus a large set of Internet marketing related ebooks for the same price. The OTO claimed the $47 was only good for the first 250 people who took it, but I suspect it’ll be offered for a while yet.

The extra ebooks also include a Health related package (“How to Stop Smoking Forever”, and similar titles), article submission software, mailing list management software, float-in window generator software (I actually prefer the peel away ads, but lots of websites use float-in windows), website creation software, ebook writing software, Software Designer Pro, and more. I’ll review the software packages in a later post, too.

Frankly, it’s a ridiculous amount of extra information and software to give away for no more than the price of Instant Profit Brander. This seems to be the trend with OTOs lately, though, to provide you with enough value the OTO seems like an obvious choice.

The main benefit of this OTO is the huge collection of ebooks you get, all of them ones with resale rights. You can process them with Instant Profit Brander so your list subscribers don’t forget who provided them with a useful ebook, and offer them as incentives for people who join your list.

To get access to the OTO, go to the Home Income Team website and signup for their free membership.

If you do, let me know if you get the $47 early-bird price or not.

2 Replies to “Where to Get Freebies to Build Your List”

  1. I like the review. However where do you get or should I say was there some branding software involved to the subscriber? I understand that free books are the way to go, now if I could only BRAND them. Also having prewritten content is okay. BUT a note to everyone “AVOID duplicate content”. Any more ideas to build your list????

  2. Hi Mr. B, the Instant Profit Brander is a way of wrapping the free content in an executable file. What happens is that when the executable is run, your information comes up in a window and the user must click to access the wrapped content. So each time they read the free ebook, they go through a page that reminds them you’re the one who gave it to them.

    It isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s better than nothing. If the ebook author doesn’t provide a rebranding option, then Instant Profit Brander is the next best thing.

    And yes, absolutely avoid duplicate content on your web sites. If you’re going to use any free articles on your sites, add an intro and conclusion that makes it seem unique to search engines, or use software that’ll spin it by swapping out words for synonyms.

    Otherwise, list building is a numbers game. Push enough people to a page that shows the benefit of signing up for your list, and some of them will. Most of the lists I sign up for these days are for the purpose of getting access to an interesting ebook the list owner has written.

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