Welcome JustFree.com Users!

I noticed that the blog was getting some users from a link on JustFree.com’s site. Turns out that the JustFree.com staff was Googling themselves and found my series on how to make your own website for free. They were nice enough to mention it in their news page, so some of their users have been coming through to see how to setup WordPress.

When I realized this, I immediately started feeling guilty about the horrible state of those posts. I’d written parts 1 through 3 of that series before I discovered Windows Live Writer (a most excellent blog authoring tool that makes embedding images into your posts nearly trivial), so they were just a bunch of text instructions.

I spent today rewriting them using Windows Live Writer, and embedding screen shots to guide people through the process of getting signed up with JustFree.com and installing WordPress there. Now I don’t have to feel guilty about JustFree.com users having to wade through a bunch of text instructions with no screen shots.

That’s my excuse for not posting the Squidoo tips I’d promised today, and I’m sticking to it. Expect the Squidoo tips tomorrow.

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