Wealth Toolbox Review

Okay, so this isn’t much of a review, because there isn’t much to review.

WealthToolbox.com is a site that claims you can “Join, Earn, and Learn”.

You join for free, and as a bonus they deposit $100 into your account. They invest that money (that they gave you) and you earn from the results. They also pay you $20 per referral, down 5 levels. So they’re paying out a total of $200 per member.

The learning portion comes from this line, “In time, we’ll create and give our members access to audio, video and web tutorials”.

Those tutorials do not currently exist. In fact, as far as I can tell, there are exactly five pages on their website (the main page, the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the member account balance page, and the member referral page).

Reading their terms and conditions shows that after 24 months, you’ll be paid the balance of your account via PayPal.

This yells “SCAM!” so loudly that it’s deafening. A lot can happen in 24 months Internet time, let alone the fact that, officially, no money is going into the system.

Checking the whois report shows that the domain name was initially registered on February 27, 2001. The Wayback Machine doesn’t bring up anything, as the website specifically blocks their spider via robots.txt.

I’m sure that many sites have valid reasons for blocking the Waback Machine’s archiving of their content. But at 3 public pages, this site doesn’t seem to have cause. Makes me wonder what they’re hiding about the history of the site.

When I run across something like this, I try to imagine myself as the founder. How could I possibly get money out of this site, given that they provide the money into your account and (supposedly) invest it.

There’s this phrase in their terms and conditions:

Account payout is dependent upon you maintaining an active account and abiding by the Terms of Service and membership requirements.

The Terms of Service are on the site, but nowhere is there to be found membership requirements.

So here’s how I would work it. Provide some basic page that allows a member to track how much money is in their account. Send out regular emails telling members how much money they’ve gained or lost based on investments I’d made. I wouldn’t bother with the investments, the point is to gradually increase the amount in their account until they have a vested interest in getting the payout.

Then the “membership requirements” would kick in. They’d need to buy something through an affiliate link, or join a site, or do some other action that would financially benefit me. And I’d keep it up, making them do these things on a regular basis, for the entire 24 months until even the most strong-willed among them would give up in disgust (thus forfeiting their payout).

And if someone somehow managed to get to payout? The chances are good they’d have spent enough money along the way to let me honor it. Or I’d find some fine print in the unwritten membership requirements and weasel out of paying them.

At least, that’s how I would do it if I were unprincipled and unethical. Is that what this site plans?

I don’t know, but I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I have a comment on Wealth Toolbox. I joined Wealth Toolbox about a year ago for FREE. The money they supposedly deposited, $50.00 of their money, has grown to about almost $600.00. During that year that did come up with a new promotion and in order to join you would have to invest XXX amount of money. Well I did not do that, but my account was still active. After the new promotion then I did not receive any update email regarding my account. Now in the last couple of weeks I started receiving emails regarding the account and it’s growth. During the past year I would also go into my account an check the earnings. Now Wealth Toolbox is coming up with another promotion, HiveAttack”, and if you are a current member all you would have to do to join is create a new username/password, before they go live, in order not to lose your earnings. When you enter your new username/password it always gives you a message that the username/password is already being used. I have tried to create one since January 27, 2008 when I first received the email. I have entered some impossible combination, many that are not even a word or phase, but I will get the same error message. I am writing this so other will not invest any of their own money trying to join Wealth Toolbox or the new promotion “HiveAttack”, because just like you stated above this has to be a scam when you cannot contact anyone by email or phone. They do not have a home page, who they are as a company, customer support, nothing. The only links you can get to on that site is the “terms of services” and “privacy policy”. I hope this will help other not to join this website. I am so glad I never invested any of my own money. Thank you for this opportunity to let me vent.

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for another perspective on the site! I received the email about HiveAttack, too, although I think I was able to create a user id/password combination.

    I’d still agree that, somehow, it’s all going to cost money one of these days.

  3. I Joined Wealt Toolbox Several Years ago Whwn it Started my so called
    Account had over $500.00 in it, Then They Added HiveAttack and BAM in 1 day it Dived to $353.00 Then Even Though The Stock Market Closed “Up” on
    The Next Day “Today” The Account Lost Another $163.00 WHY ?
    And Who Do I Contact To Complain About It ?

    Contact Me at davebondoo7@mail.com

  4. Hi Dave, I’d say you don’t contact anyone to complain about it. You really haven’t lost any money, since you didn’t pay anything into it. The site is probably just making up numbers to keep people interested. Or maybe they really are paper trading stocks and giving you the results.

    Either way, I doubt that you’ll get any money out of the site.

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