Valuing Your Blog

This has gone around before, but I just read about it again over at Eruanna and thought some of you might be interested.

You can go to to see how much your site is worth. It gives a breakdown of analysis, including page rank, and how much you could get for text links, and comes up with a total.

According to them, I could get $7 a month for a text link on this blog, and the total blog value is worth $740. The number of inbound links and indexed pages is a big factor for the valuation, since an older site of mine that’s PR3 but with only 4 inbound links is only worth $345.

It’ll be interesting to see what effect the next page rank update has on that value. You can also enter any web address and get a valuation. is worth $6,583,600. Any takers?

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  1. I think it has to do with subdomains. It’ll value just fine (worth $699,920,000), but not my personal blog hosted there. I guess this is one more reason to have your own domain!

  2. [quote post=”299″]I seem to have misplaced the thread about Blog Carnivals. I found one that might be of interest: Carnival of the Capitalists[/quote]

    Thanks for the link!

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