Using PLR Products To Create A Best Seller

If you’ve been around the Internet Marketing world for any length of time, you’ve probably had the chance to purchase products that came with Private Label Rights.

PLR products give you the right to edit the document to say that you are the author. They’re attractive because you have an instant product, just a bit of editing to give yourself the credit.

PLR articles are not all that useful as blog posts, for example, because of duplicate content issues. To use PLR products in blog posts, you have to edit them sufficiently to make them seem unique. That’s possible, but not really the sort of thing that excites me about Internet Marketing.

What you can do with PLR products that is exciting is to repackage them into a new product.

Pick half a dozen PLR articles on related topics, and package them into a complete ebook. Make enough edits so that the articles seem to flow together and support the main topic of the ebook. Put yourself down as the author.

Now you have a product to sell that is unique (at least, a unique combination of articles).

To make it a best seller, you have to come up with an angle. Some spin on the product that will make people want it. One way is to create a fictional author who is a bit of a character, and market the product as being by that person. Sal the Site Swiper is an example. The quirks of the fictional author can be played up in email marketing and JV partnerships, such as when various JV partners of Sal’s told their lists that Sal was going to “work them over” if they didn’t email about the product.

Creating that kind of interest in a product goes a long way to making sales. Any angle will work, as long as it catches people’s interests.

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