Using Multiple Email Addresses in Free Money Programs

The nice thing about free money programs is that you can, well, get money for free. Instead of paying into a program and getting a cut from what your referrals pay, instead you trade time for money, just like a regular job. Your job in free money programs is typically clicking on advertisements, taking surveys, signing up for free trial offers, etc.

Regular readers will know I recommend Marketing Pond as a good downline builder for free money programs (see my review of Marketing Pond for details). There’s a lot of great info in the Marketing Pond forum on the best ways of using the free money programs, but for those of you who sign up for the programs without reading the forum from top to bottom, I thought I’d share one important tip.

Don’t use your regular email for every program.

Most of the free money programs are quite good about not flooding your inbox with emails. Marketing Pond includes some traffic exchanges, and the ones that are safelists will flood your inbox with emails. In addition, signing up for free trial offers via the free money programs will put your email on another company’s mailing list (that is, after all, why you’re getting paid to take the free trial, so they can get your contact information and try to sell you their products).

My recommendation is to get a couple of free email addresses at Use one as the email address you give to the free trial offers. That one will be, over time, absolutely flooded with emails you don’t want to read. Just log in now and then and delete all the emails.

Use another as the subscription email for any safelists you use for promoting Marketing Pond. This inbox will also be full of emails in short order. Depending on the safelist you’re using, you may want to actually read some of these, if you get credits of some sort for doing so. GOTSafeList, for example, provides you with advertising credits for reading the emails other members send. See my post on safelist advertising for more details on safelists.

To recap, my advice for getting started with Free Money Programs is:

  1. Use your primary email address to sign up with the actual programs
  2. Use a second email address when signing up for free trial offers
  3. Use a third email address for safelists

Since the free money programs themselves send you emails that you get paid to read, it’s in your best interests to have them come to an email you check regularly. I’ve used my primary email in a number of programs, and haven’t received too many emails. I also check my email several times a day. If you check it less often, you may want to create another Gmail account to use with the free money programs themselves. Just don’t forget to log in to read the emails regularly!

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