Using Google Docs For Mobile Creation

Lately I’ve been wanting to work on a couple of writing projects.

One is a design document for a new online service that I’d like to start. Eventually I’ll have to recruit a programmer or two and some other members of a team for it, but the first step is to get down on paper the details. Another is an ebook on blog promotion that I’ve been wanting to write.

I created both in OpenOffice (the word processor I use at home), but made absolutely no progress on either. The problem was that to work on them at work, I needed to put them on my USB stick, open them up at work, edit them on whatever machine I happened to be on, synchronize them back with my home machine, etc.

So I found myself not doing any of that because it was too much of a pain.

Somewhat belatedly I remembered about Google Docs. That’s a suite of word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation creator. The gimmick is that it’s all web based, with the documents themselves stored on a Google server somewhere. So you can work on documents anywhere you happen to be.

And for group projects, you can share a document with one or more other people, and can specify whether they can just view it or edit it.

Since I copied both documents up to Google docs, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on them. It’s very easy to pop onto Google Docs on whatever computer I happen to be on when I find myself with a few minutes, make some additions, and then log off.

If you find yourself working on the run, give Google Docs a try.

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  1. That would be very handy to have. There have been several times that I’ve been working on some material in my office program, then leave out of town with my laptop but can’t work on it. Thanks for the tip.


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