Using Blogs for Affiliate Marketing

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Using Blogs for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new way of making money online and the business is constantly growing. As this is a new type of business it’s a good idea to use modern ways of communicating with clients/readers. One of the ways to get noticed when working with affiliate marketing is through blogs. Read this post and understand the benefits of bloggin when trying make some of that affiliate money.

If you’re able to create a hugely popular blog and combine it with affiliate marketing it’s probable you’ll make some big cash. If you for example write about the topic of beauty and add beauty affiliate programs to the blog chances are you’ll make some online money.

Popular Since the Start

Instantly when blogs started to show up on the Internet they became popular among people all over the world. Everybody, from single persons to big companies, use blogs to connect with people visiting their site. Many people visit blogs to obtain information about a certain subject – or to simply get entertained and read about various products and services.

Readers will Feel Dedicated

If you keep your blog niched on a certain topic you’ll have a great chance of attracting dedicated readers. Many visit blogs to get exclusive information about the topic they love and that they feel they won’t find on a regular website. Surfers feel as if it’s more personal reading a blog and as if it’s not a big company trying to sell them a product or service. One could say that you become somewhat of an opinion-leader that people turn to in order to obtain information.

Easy Manageable

If you’re thinking about starting up a normal website you have to have some technological knowledge. The basics of how to create a site is a must. This is far from the fact when it comes to blogs. They are easy to set-up and don’t require you to have any understandings of HTML. Publishing new articles and updating is done by a push of a button. Even though blogs are as easy manageable as they are they’re still very professional looking, at least most of them – visitors won’t notice your lack of knowledge.

Inexpensive Way of Marketing

Although it’s cheap to setup your own website it’s often even cheaper to start up a blog as many are offered for free. When staring up a business you don’t want to spend a fortune while doing it and with blogs you won’t have to. You will for sure also get your message across in an easy manner and if you’re really good you will get a lot of incoming links which will only increase your popularity. Blog platforms such as Blogger and WordPress both have great free blog solutions that are well suitable for a start up affiliate marketer.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

The last thing that we would like to mention is that blogs are extremely search engine optimization friendly. This is a must if you want to increase your visitors – which you of course want as it will increase your possibilities to make a living as an affiliate. If you’re running a regular website you have to be much more of an expert at SEO to get a high ranking on search engines. When blogging you simply have to update your content on a daily basis and it would be a good idea if you could stuff it somewhat with necessary keywords.

To sum up you’ll have great possibilities to make money as an affiliate through blogs. You’ll save lots of money and, if you have it in you, readers will feel dedicated to you and they’ll return every day to see the latest news that you’ve written about. So, start blogging today and increase your income!

5 Replies to “Using Blogs for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I figure you are spot on regards blogs and affiliate marketing. I really think we will see a trend moving away from adsense towards affiliate products. Interesting that I did an information post on my blog for a product, it was my first post for an affiliate product. One thing I need to look into more is references regard the search engines putting lower listings for sites that have adsense ads. Do you know anything about that

  2. My personal experience has been that tastefully done Adsense (or other ads) doesn’t hurt rankings, but overdoing it does. Certainly, no ads whatsoever improves the credibility of the site, and helps get into some of the better directories.

  3. The ads bring in the money and when advertising is done tastefully I see nothing wrong with it.There is a balance between the content and advertising, less ads can bring in more money.It is a business after all, and you need to get food on the table.High quality and useful content is always first priority.

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