Unexpected Keyword Success

A funny observation on ranking for unexpected keywords.

Thanks to my post recently about keywords used to find this blog, I now rank #1 for many of those keywords just on the strength of a single occurrence of each in that post.

The chances are good nobody will ever search using those keywords again, but if they do, I’m ready!

8 Replies to “Unexpected Keyword Success”

  1. [quote post=”283″]And, now that you’ve made this post link to it, that page has further authority![/quote]

    Where will it all end? I guess I’ll have to reorganize the blog to account for the flood of visitors now wanting to know how to get paid $1 to click on ads.

  2. As soon as my blog gets to where I want it to be, I am going to try to do like you did and expand my keywords. I have seen some blogs do this and they ended up coming out on top. Good luck to you.

  3. LOL Time to go Dedicated Server jay. Using statcounter I find some of the weirdest terms that I rank so high for. Most of them are totally off base.

    Another odd phenomena is how if you write a normal post with no keyword optimization often the strangest terms get #1 yet when you spend time optimizing it goes no where 😀

  4. Hi Rob! Maybe one of us needs to go undercover at Google to figure out how the ranking algorithm works, just so we can properly optimize our pages. Although that might end up meaning we have to bribe the pigeons…

  5. Okay, I’ll play! Jay, that would be very interesting if more people wanted to learn how to earn money for clicking links.

    I bet there’d be a lot of demand if there were a way to get paid a dollar for every link clicked! If the mistaken keywords led people to believe that this blog will teach you to how to turn your click time into a paycheck, it would be very misleading.

    I expect there’d be hundreds of people coming to this website to get paid to surf the web who would come away very disappointed to learn that there is no way to get rich while surfing the web in just minutes of free time!.

  6. LOL Funny but true story…just after getting the email about this comment, the blog’s server had a hiccup that took it offline for an hour or so. I had visions of tons of search engine visitors looking for information on getting rich with no effort.

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