Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur Review

As Internet Marketers, we tend to get locked into the mindset of working online.

We think in terms of link cloakers, of ad trackers, of search engine optimization, and all the rest of the technical aspects of marketing online. We sometimes forget that, while the vast majority of our prospective customers do use computers, there are many other ways to reach those customers than just online.

Some of the most successful advertising co-ops I’ve been involved in have utilized off line magazine advertisements. People do still read magazines, newspapers, listen to the radio in the car, watch the television, all those things that we tend to dismiss.

The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur is a recording of a phone call between Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedy. For more about who Corey is, here’s a brief bio.

The phone call is about two and a half hours of Corey and Dan talking about what’s needed for Internet Marketing success. One of the big areas that fascinates me is the focus on how off line marketing can be integrated with online marketing to pull in customers from far outside your normal reach. This is something Google is getting into now, with their newspaper classified and radio ad campaigns available through Adwords. If Google is investing in it, you know there’s potential there.

There’s an enormous amount more on the recording, of course. There’s advice about how to make sure your customers will become repeat customers, by priming them for it before they’re even done with the first sale. Some of the material you’ll have heard before, but it’s all fascinating, especially as it’s in the form of a conversation between two successful Internet Marketers.

I’m not normally a fan of ebooks and the like, but I’m a huge fan of mentoring. This recording was between Corey and his Internet Marketing mentor, so it’s a bit like being invited to be a student of Dan’s, too.

There are bonuses, too, of course. You can’t throw a stick at an Internet Marketing offer these days without hitting at least a couple of bonuses. In this case, one bonus is a transcript of the recording…a blessing for people like me, who read quickly but only listen at normal speed. There’s also a question and answer session originally done with Corey at a high priced tele-conference, and an ebook by Dan Kennedy on integrating off line and online marketing.

Click here for the full details on what’s available on the recording.

P.S. The $97 price tag on the recording is the standard price. There’s enough material on there that you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of it, compared to most training packages at a similar cost. As promised when I started The Advisory Panel, though, I worked out a deal for members to get the package for $47. To take advantage of that, do not buy from the link above, but look in the Discounts section of the forum.

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