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I’m not big into URL shortening services.

The URLs they shorten into are pretty ugly, and they often display the destination page in a frame that includes ads at the top or bottom. New Internet Marketers often use these services thinking that URL cloaking is important enough to put up with the disadvantages. Since you can do URL cloaking in far better ways for free, it doesn’t really make sense to use URL shortening services.

But if you want to use one, Ucash.in offers revenue sharing on the ads that display in the frame with your destination page. You can choose whether you want ads to display at the top of the frame, or whether you would prefer an intermediate page that’s an ad to display.

Here’s an example link that just brings you back to Online Opportunity.

For every 4,000 impressions your links give them on a top ad banner, you get $1. For every 2,000 intermediate page ads that display, you get $1. Clearly, to earn much money you would have to have a lot of impressions.

However, Ucash.in has taken the Yuwie approach to the whole deal, so you get 10 levels of referrals below you. And you earn a percentage of what those referrals earn. With a full 10 levels, that could amount to a substantial number of ad impressions as you have thousands of people using the URL shortening service.

While I still don’t think that URL shortening services are worth using, if you are going to use one, why not use one that earns you a little money? I’m sure that’s what a lot of new Internet Marketers will think, so this is a service they’ll likely continue to use even if they don’t make much money on it.

Click here for the Ucash.in site for more details.

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