Two Minute Profits Review

I have to admit, I haven’t really found any ebooks yet that deliver what they say they will. Most are vague, and don’t provide detailed explanations of how to accomplish what they say you can accomplish using their techniques. In terms of driving directions, they’re more like “Head east until you get to the ocean” instead of “Drive 2 miles to the shell station, turn left, go 2 more miles, etc.”

But, I tend to buy one now and then just on the off chance that they’ll provide useful information. The latest one I bought is Two Minute Profits. The ebook says it’ll show you one specific technique for making money with affiliate programs through Adwords.

As a recap, an affiliate program is where you get paid a commission for directing traffic to a product’s website. Adwords is a means of paying to get people to go to websites by placing advertisements into Google search results. So essentially, you pay to have people go to a product page, and if they buy the product you get a commission. Obviously, you need to pay less for Adwords than you make on commission.

Two things factor into this: cost per click and conversion rate. The cost per click is what you pay for each person who clicks on your advertisement to go to the product page. The conversion rate is how many of those people actually buy the product.

Keeping cost per click as low as possible is a good thing. Two Minute Profits says it’ll show you how to get the lowest possible cost per click. Generally this means you’re bidding on keywords that are not very popular (e.g. they get a low number of searches each month).

So, the review: Two Minute Profits does give you what it says it will. It shows in detail a specific technique and exactly how to go about using that technique (you should already be comfortable using Google’s Adwords to use this technique). Following the technique will get you low cost per click keywords.

The results of my limited playing with the technique were inconclusive. I wasn’t able to come up with any keywords matching the Two Minute Profits criteria that had any search volume at all (e.g. they didn’t get any searches each month). At least some search volume is needed so we have people viewing the advertisements. I used the Overture keyword tool referenced in the ebook as my way of estimating search volume.

Now, to be fair, I tried about half a dozen keywords and then called it a day. So the conclusion of the review has to be that the ebook delivers exactly what it says. Whether the technique actually works or not I can’t say yet. I’ll come back to it another day and try some more keywords.

At $7, Two Minute Profits is one of the cheaper ebooks out there. If you already have played with Google Adwords and want a new technique to try, you can purchase the ebook here.

If you’re new to Google Adwords, please do not just jump into it! You can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. I highly recommend Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Adwords. You can signup for free email tips that are worth their weight in gold, and Perry continues to deliver email tips beyond the five days. There’s more value in his email tips than in many people’s ebooks!

I’ve also reviewed another ebook by the author of Two Minute Profits. Click here for a review of On Demand Profits.

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