Traffic Exchange Tips

Traffic exchanges are one way to get traffic to your site.

Traffic exchanges are only really any good for sites that provide information related to Internet marketing, since the vast majority of people who use traffic exchanges are Internet marketers. You do see the odd non-IM site on traffic exchanges, but not often.

If you have a site that fits, though, traffic exchanges can be a free way to get some traffic to your site. The traffic isn’t qualified, since the members are viewing your site not because of interest, but to get credits. So you need to make sure to qualify the traffic before it gets to your site.

I’ve talked before about the importance of using splash pages on traffic exchanges. Splash pages help to weed out the people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, so they never get to your site. The people who do get to your site are more qualified, and more likely to convert.

Yet I still see most people in traffic exchanges not using splash pages, and making other mistakes. So this is my list of traffic exchange tips, based on what I’ve seen.

Don’t Use A Page With A Movie

Movies take time to load, often taking longer than the 15 or 30 seconds a person has to view your page. You have only a few seconds to catch their interest and qualify them. If the movie doesn’t load in a few seconds, it’s wasted effort.

Make Sure Your Links Are Good

Traffic exchange visitors get credit even if your URL is bad and all that displays is a 404 error page. Make sure your links are good by testing them yourself.

Don’t Link To An Internal Page

I’ve seen some people on traffic exchanges link to pages that must have been internal to their account at a program. When they tested the link, I’m sure it came up fine because they were logged into the program. But for others, what comes up is an error page saying that you need to be logged in. That isn’t doing anyone any good.

Always logout of your site before testing the link you want to put on the traffic exchange.

Only Require One Action

The only action a person should have to take on your page is to click through to your site. Do not require them to pick a language, or a country, or take any other action before you can try to catch their attention. They’ll just leave the site at the “pick a language prompt”, get their credit, and move on.

Use A Splash Page

I won’t belabor this, since I’ve done that in other posts and above. I’ll just note that most program affiliate pages violate one or more of the above tips, and so don’t do well in traffic exchanges.

All of the above goes double for paid to read sites, where you’re actually paying someone to view your site for a certain amount of time. Don’t pay for ineffectual advertising!

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