Top Commentators List Fixed

For months now, the top commentators list has shown Betshopboy‘s entry together with someone else’s, with no link and no separator.

The problem was that some of his comments had a URL attached, and some didn’t, and that apparently confused the plugin. Since he recently got his own domain, I went through the database and updated all the comments to point to the new URL, and the top commentators list now displays correctly.

This isn’t really a permanent fix, though, since the next person who doesn’t put a URL in when they comment will still show up incorrectly. I haven’t quite figured out why, but suspect an incompatibility with the theme.

I’ll put some time into figuring that out when the problem comes up again.

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  1. [quote post=”342″]Thanks for the shout-out to my new domain, and your taking time and effort to fix the “no link on top commentator list” problem really means a lot.[/quote]

    You’re welcome! I need to do the same for Rosa’s new domain, too, since she has a lot of backlinks from comments that could be useful in the next page rank update.

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