Top 10 Reasons To Be An SBI! Affiliate

Regular readers of the blog know that I an a huge fan of SBI! for creating niche websites.

I’ve neglected, though, to talk about being an SBI! affiliate, which is also a great opportunity backed by SBI!’s professional support. So here are my top 10 reasons to be an SBI! affiliate, even if you don’t purchase an SBI! site.

#10: It’s Free

Okay, so any decent affiliate program should be free, but some aren’t. And it’s only reason #10.

#9: Track Clicks To Sales

The built in link tracker you can use as an SBI! affiliate tracks clicks to sales, so you’ll know exactly which promotion is converting visitors into sales, and which aren’t. This can be used to target specific landing pages to specific markets, once you figure out which ones work best.

#8: Two-Tiered Earnings

Recruit affiliates, and earn a bit of what they make, too. The amount isn’t much, but it’s something.

#7: Tons of Landing Pages

Most affiliate programs give you one landing page only. SBI! has landing pages tailored to different markets you may want to pursue.

Trying to sell SBI! to work-at-home-moms? Use the WAHM landing page, or the WAHM Master’s Course ebook. Or maybe you’re targeting webmasters, so you’d use the Webmaster Business Course page.

Want to market to college students? Try this landing page. Or this one, for marketing to retirees who want an online business.

And there are others for auction sellers, people who want to sell e-goods, people who want to sell hard goods, people who want to sell real estate, and more.

There are also other ebooks you can give away, pages that educate on some aspect of Internet Marketing, free tools and services, etc, etc. All of which place your cookie on the visitor’s machine, so that if they purchase SBI! after browsing through the website, you get the customer.

#6: The Best Support Forums I’ve Seen Yet

The SBI! forums are simply the best I’ve seen yet, with members helping members and quick responses from SBI! employees, too. There are lots of ideas for promoting SBI! there, including some great offline tactics.

#5: Great Support For Offline Sales

Not only do you get tips for offline sales in the forums, but SBI! has a training package you can download designed to help you make offline sales. There’s also an order form that allows you to take orders offline and enter them yourself from your computer, ensuring you get the credit for the sale.

#4: Name Park It!

NPI! is a tool available to SBI! affiliates. You can purchase a domain name through NPI!, and redirect it to another site (such as one of the SBI! landing pages). But you also get unlimited subdomains that can each be redirected to any URL you choose. Use these to shorten URLs, or to create a unique domain for use in Adwords ads (where a given domain can only appear once in a list of ads, so if someone else is already using, the chances are good your ad won’t even show).

All for the same as the cost of a domain name elsewhere.

#3: Embed Videos On Your Blog That Sell SBI!

They’ve provided a bunch of videos that you can embed on your blog or other site where you promote SBI!. Just like the landing pages, there are videos targeting different markets. Here’s one targeting work at home moms:

URL= “”;

And here’s another targeting people who want to get out of a day job:

URL= “”;

Each video sends people at the end to a particular landing page, with your referral link.

#2: Make Money By Helping People Succeed

SBI! is one of the few “opportunities” that is really committed to helping people succeed. You earn a commission, and you help someone start an online business that could transform their lives.

#1: Get Lifetime Commissions

At SBI!, when you get a customer to make a purchase, they’re your customer for life. You not only getting a commission from the initial sale, but every year they renew their site you get ongoing commissions.

And if they ever buy more sites, which many SBI! owners do, you get commissions on those sites, too. The SBI! philosophy is, your customers are yours for life.


So not only am I an SBI! fan, but I think the affiliate program is pretty terrific, too. There are more than 10 reasons, but I couldn’t quite come up with 100, so I stuck with a top 10 list. If I didn’t cover your favorite reason to be an SBI! affiliate, leave a comment and let me know what it is.

If you’re not already an SBI! affiliate, click here to sign up.

4 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons To Be An SBI! Affiliate”

  1. I’m thinking of signing up, not much to loose since it is for free and it looks like you could make money online this way. My question now is, do you actually work with it yourself or do you just refer affiliates?
    And if you do work with SBI, do you make money with it? As much as the mentioned 1000 $ breakthrough per month?

  2. [quote post=”466″]My question now is, do you actually work with it yourself or do you just refer affiliates?[/quote]

    If you look at the posts in my Site Build It! category, you’ll see that I’ve started using SBI! to build a niche website relatively recently. I was so impressed with the product that I bought a second one for another niche website, and am giving away one in a contest this month.

    [quote post=”466″]And if you do work with SBI, do you make money with it? As much as the mentioned 1000 $ breakthrough per month?[/quote]

    Since I just started recently, no to both. SBI! encourages you to wait before monetizing your site, for various reasons, until your traffic is at a certain level. I’m still building content and am just starting to build traffic.

    Once traffic is at the right level, I’ll add Adsense ads and some other monetized links.

  3. [quote comment=””][quote post=”466″]#3: Embed Videos On Your Blog That Sell SBI![/quote]
    This is a very nice feature, I’m sure it must convert well. Thanks.[/quote]

    Hadn’t actually heard of SBI before, does sound really interesting though – thanks for posting about it.

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