To Write or Not to Write

There are a lot of people who want to earn online without actually creating content.

Maybe they think they can’t write well, or that they don’t know enough to write, or whatever. But they use traffic exchanges and safelists to send people to their affiliate links, and try to build email lists using list building programs, etc. Anything that doesn’t actually require creating content.

Creating content is one of the skills needed to do Internet Marketing properly. That’s important to understand, custom content is absolutely necessary. Sending junk traffic to an affiliate link isn’t going to make you much. Custom content provides value and builds trust, and is part of the whole process.

Now, you don’t have to create that content yourself. You can get fairly decent content created inexpensively online by checking places the freelancers hang out. People tend to avoid outsourcing content creation because of the cost. On a per article basis, content creation is pretty reasonable. But the sheer amount of content needed for even a reasonable sized mini-site makes the entire package expensive.

As a beginner, you have two options.

One is to learn to create the content yourself. Just start writing, and keep at it. You don’t have to post any of it, but you won’t build skill unless you start practicing.

The other option is to partner with someone who can create content, who needs the skills you do have. To find these people you have to network, and put yourself out there approaching bloggers who also seem to be in the beginning of their career. Ideally you’d pick bloggers in the niche you want content created for, not bloggers who are in the “make money online” niche.

How about you? Do you create content, or try to get by without it?

5 Replies to “To Write or Not to Write”

  1. If you are selling something to make money online you need people to visit your site.The best way to do this is to have great content and write new content regularly.The content should not be too general, more focused niche content works the best.Some people purchase private label articles that they re-write before posting on their blogs to make them unique.

  2. Well I guess that’s the number one problem of online marketers, producing good content, who has the time. I’ve been looking around the Web to try and find a good content creator, you know software that grabs content based on keywords and sits in a format that you can easily edit and move around. I have checked out some of the rewriting software but none of it seems to do any good. Does anybody know where there’s a good rewriting software?

  3. I don’t have experience with the rewriting software, primarily because I know what it would be like to write a program to do a good job, and it’d be very difficult to product anything reasonable.

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