The Year’s PTC Sites In Review

One of my efforts in 2007 was evaluating paid-to-click sites, those sites that pay you to view advertiser’s sites.

These sorts of sites are dead simple to start, and many are outright scams. They either don’t pay when they say they will, or they offer ridiculous amounts of money for each ad you view, or both. But some have kept their quality through the year, paid out when they said they would, and even improved their offerings over time.


This is probably the most controversial of the sites, with many on the Internet calling it a scam site. Over the year it’s emerged as one of the quality paid-to-click sites. The admins have no only weathered the controversy, but have added paid offers to the site, too.

The number of ads available in Adbux has increased over the year, to the point where without hardly trying you can make $0.15 a day, clicking links in between your other web surfing. They’ve also added an Ad Alert feature, which will run in the background and alert you when new ads are available. By running that, you can often catch short-lived ads and boost your daily income.

Payout is a low $10, and payout is made reliably on their published schedule.

A couple of hints about getting the most out of Adbux…promote your referral link to get referrals, but do not purchase referrals through Adbux itself. That’s a crap shoot, and most of them will likely not continue to use the site long-term. Also, do not upgrade until you know that you have enough active referrals to earn back the upgrade fee in the increased earnings you’ll get.


This program is rock solid, and hardly ever seems to change. This past year, the only change was that you now earn from premium upgrades 5 levels deep instead of just 1. Your potential referral earnings are much greater that way.

You do not earn from your referrals’ actual clicks in ClixSense. Instead, you get $0.10 from referring a member, and if you are a premium member yourself you earn when anyone in your 5 level downline upgrades to premium.

The premium upgrade is $10 a year, and is well worth doing immediately upon joining. Many of the ads are only available to premium members. Typically, the night you pay your $10 to upgrade, you can immediately get back $5 of that by clicking on all the premium only ads that still have clicks available.

Once you’ve worked through that backlog, you’ll find a good couple dozen ads each day. Most pay $0.01, but some go as high as $0.05. The theoretical maximum is $5.00, but that only happens when someone goofs when placing an ad. There’s no real reason for an advertiser to go above $0.02 (which puts their link above all the $0.01 links). But some do.


I have to admit, this site was a pleasant surprise.

At first glance, it seems like a typical paid-to-click site. The links are often vastly underpaying (as low as $0.0001).

But the admin is the most professional I’ve seen in a long time. The site has no minimum payout level, so if you’ve made the money, every week she’ll send it to you via PayPal. I’ve become accustomed to getting $0.15 or so into my PayPal account on a regular basis from Myster-E-Mail.

I don’t recommend the upgrades, although the free referrals only upgrade is worth it. You’ll quickly earn back the cost from clicking ads alone, let alone getting a few referrals to boost your earnings.

Above I said that many ads are vastly underpaid. I personally do not bother clicking on any ad that pays less than $0.001, and I’ll usually skip those unless it’s convenient. My time is worth more to me than I’ll get by clicking on an ad that pays less than a tenth of a cent.

So here’s my success strategy with Myster-E-Mail. Log in every other day or so and click on any ad that pays more than a tenth of a cent. Click the tenth of a centers if they’re on the same page with the higher paying ones, and ignore anything lower.

Also ignore any of the paid emails they send you. You’ll get a lot, and it’s best to setup your email client to automatically filter them out.

You’ll leave some money on the table this way, but you’ll also make the best use of your time and get regular payouts.

Hits4Pay and DealsNCash

These two are paid email sites, but they send very few emails. And each email simply contains a link that takes you back to the site to view the advertisement.

Each of these sites pays well for viewing the ad itself, $0.02 and $0.03 respectively, and each pays you for every ad one of your referrals views. Payouts are promptly made on their published schedule.

Both of these sites are run by the same people, and so they operate in similar ways. Both are also rock solid sites, with no changes throughout the year.

These sites seem, at first, as if you earn more slowly than the others I’ve listed. Payouts are relatively high (in the $20 range), and they send so few emails (an average of one a day, but generally clustered) it would take a long time to reach payout. They’re highly attractive, though, because they send so few emails and it’s dead easy to view their ads when you do get the emails.

The real earning in these two sites comes from recruiting others. You earn as much from your referrals’ activity as you do from your own (in general, the pay plan between the two sites is slightly different). So as you build a base of referrals, your earnings in these programs can skyrocket.


These were the best of the paid-to-click sites I found this year. I expect them to continue to be quality sites into the coming year. Other sites have come and gone throughout the year, but these have remained solid, and in some cases, improved.

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  1. Hi Margaret, I’m having the same problems with Adbux, and haven’t heard anything about what’s causing it. Probably a server problem, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next day or so.

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