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You may have noticed the I’ve Been Tagged band across the right side of the blog’s logo.

I don’t normally talk about directories I’ve added the blog to, considering that to be just normal SEO for the site. But the Tag Society is a bit of a different beast.

The Tag Society looks to keep a higher quality of website in its directory. In their own words,

We review each website so that the quality of the websites within this directory is kept at a higher level than many other web directories.

They also have a referral system in place. Your position in the directory is based on how many other websites you have referred. You get one listing point for every website you have referred, and the sites are listed in their categories by listing points.

While the goal of the Tag Society, to create a listing of quality sites, is a good one, I’m not crazy about the way their listings look. You can click here to see some of their listings. The little images that are presumably supposed to identify the website aren’t always meaningful. I always have to click through to the website to see what it actually is.

The Tag Society also requires a backlink in order to keep your listing points (the I’ve Been Tagged band counts as my backlink).

While a single directory listing doesn’t mean much in SEO terms, something as different as the Tag Society might become a nice traffic generator as it becomes popular with web surfers.

Click here to add your site, and don’t forget to tell them who sent you!

15 Replies to “The Tag Society”

  1. I joined! I put your URL as the referrer. It looks like we’re in on the ground floor of this one. There are just enough websites to make it populated without being crowded.

    What keywords did you use? I didn’t see your site there. Has this been a reliable traffic generator?

    My (completely uneducated, off-the-cuff) guess is that the only traffic it’ll generate is from people signing up for the service, as they poke around. (It’d be nice to be wrong about that!)

  2. Well, since I didn’t pay for express approval, I just showed up in the directory today. I put the blog under “blog” and “marketing”, since those were the only tags that really matched.

    I expect you’re right about the traffic, but I’ll know more as I see my stats over the next week. Oh, and thanks for joining through Online Opportunity!

  3. The process does seem very manual, so I expect you’re right about the referral point accruing only when your site is finally added. Manual entry makes sense to keep the quality of sites they’re looking for, but they could very easily have automated the referral process.

  4. I just received an e-mail from the tag society accepting my website, thanking me for signing up for the VIP option, and requesting my $15. The e-mail said that if I don’t send $15 within 48 hours, that my entry will be deleted, and that I can resubmit it if I want a non-VIP account.

    This is annoying, as I was quite careful to select the FREE listing. I did put a link to them just as I was sumbitting the FREE membership request.

    I replied to their e-mail that there must be some mistake, and that I never selected the VIP option.

    A cynical person would begin to wonder if they do this to trick/shame people into upgrading. Or maybe just to make people jump through extra hoops for the FREE part of the site.

    Usually, I assume I’m at fault, but I was very careful not to sign up for any fees.

    So, don’t count on that referral point just yet.

    I’ll keep you posted….

  5. Well, it’s five days since they sent that “48 hours” e-mail and I sent my reply. I haven’t heard anything from them, and a quick check of their site shows your entry is still without the referral point.

    I think they must have cancelled my application. I’ll leave the link up on my blog another week, but am wary of resubmitting the applicaiton.

  6. I didn’t hear anything back until the blog was actually put up, but then I hadn’t sent them an email, either. I’d think they would have at least replied to your email with an answer.

  7. I was in their listing but when I changed my theme, I forgot to put them back into the sidebar. I got booted out with a lovely little email telling me so. I need to put them back because I enjoyed being there. I will go under you the next time. I think I did the first time but I’m not sure.

  8. I didn’t have it up there long enough. It was up for about a week before I changed my blog around. In the time that it was there, I really did not see the traffic coming but I did get to check out some really cool blogs. Jay could probably answer this question a lot better than I could.

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