The Super Gifts Review

I’ve talked in previous posts about giving away free products to build a list.

The problem with that is not getting the free products, but getting people to find your offer. The typical approach is to send messages to safelists and to put splash pages on traffic exchanges. Anything to get your opt-in page in front of people who may want to signup to get the free products.

The Super Gifts is a web site that does just that.

You upload the product you want to give away, and provide details of your list. Other people looking for free products signup for your list if they want the product you’re giving away. You can download products from the site to give away, or provide your own product (such as any of the ebooks I’ve linked to in previous list building posts).

The Super Gifts uses a point based system. You spend points to both download products and get subscribers to your list. You gain points by referring others to the site.

You can also buy more points if you run through the initial 200 you get for signing up. The initial 200 points is 20 subscribers to your list, which is quite nice for a new list.

This is about as automated as I’ve seen list building sites get. It’s interesting that you lose points by signing up for lists, but that keeps this from simply being a list exchange, and ensures that people who download your product and signup to your list do so because they want to, not just to get points.

I haven’t setup a list and product yet, but will do so before too long. This is a good excuse to start the list I’ve been meaning to start.

The Super Gifts is free to join and you can list up to five products/lists.

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  1. I haven’t had a lot of luck with traffic exchanges and getting blog readers. Maybe I just haven’t come up with a good enough splash page. I do have luck getting referrals to programs using splash pages, which goes against the advice of the gurus. Their advice is to use traffic exchanges solely to get people onto your opt-in list, where you can sell them multiple times on programs and products.

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