The Secret Project Revealed

I’ve been working lately on a Secret Project.

In fact, it’s so secret I managed to not let anything slip about it in my posts lately. It was close, though…I ranted recently about “systems” that fail to empower their members. I almost let slip in that one that I had a “system” in development that would strive to educate and empower, at the same time as it made money for participants.

I’ll start advertising this to the general public next week on traffic exchanges and safelists, but I wanted to share a sneak peak with all of you. The “system” is a couple of email courses. One called Traffic Exchange Secrets, and the other called Safelist Secrets.

Both courses cover what you should and shouldn’t do with each method of advertising in order to get the most out of them. The courses are nearly identical, since many of the same principles hold true for advertising, whether you’re using traffic exchanges or safelists. The focus in the courses is to provide helpful advice, and links to the tools you need to act on that advice.

I’m particularly pleased that all of the tools linked to in the courses are free, except for one.

That one is an MLM that provides critical Internet marketing tools. It breaks even when you have recruited three people. To help people break even as fast as possible, when someone joins the program through the email course they’ll send me their referral link. I’ll put those referral links back into the email courses, so that future subscribers who sign up for the MLM program will sign up under earlier subscribers. Once a member has their three referrals needed to break even, I switch the email courses to the next member’s referral link.

I think I’ve succeeded in my goal of providing education and empowerment, along with helping those who decide to take the step into the MLM program to break even as soon as possible. The MLM program provides critical Internet marketing tools that can be used to market other programs.

Who knows? It all may flop horribly, but I’m pretty pleased with how it’s setup.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks, Lori! Researching can do that…there’s so much information out there, I kind of feel bad adding to it with these courses. But of course, *my* information is the best! 😉

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