The Revenue Pro Review

Joey Burdick has started up a blog called the Revenue Pro.

At first glance, the site seems like a basic make money online type of blog. The normal sorts of links and such. The blog’s new enough that it hasn’t accumulated a lot of posts, and so hasn’t developed its own character.

Joey seemed to realize that, and has started a regular series of revenue sharing contests on the blog. For example, this one offers a 5% revenue share for his October blog income. The idea is to encourage more readers participating in the contests, and thus to increase the value of the prizes. It’s a fun idea that various blogs have done now and then, but I can’t recall seeing one that made it a regular event.

The blog theme is nice and clean, and doesn’t distract from the content. The advertising is nicely low key, and meshes well with the theme. The list of categories is small and doesn’t detract overwhelm the sidebar.

I would suggest a couple improvements, though.

First, the permalinks used are the WordPress default, which is terrible for search engine optimization. Including the post title in the permalink structure would help attract more search engine traffic.

Second, allowing email subscriptions to comments helps to foster conversations between commentors. Without it, someone will leave a comment and not come back for days. With it, they’ll come back to check out the ongoing comments, prompted by the email reminder.

Head on over to the blog and get a share of his revenue for yourself!

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