The Power of a Dollar Update

The Power of a Dollar site was down late last week, due to exceeding their bandwidth. It’s back up now, with a modified plan in place.

They’ve taken the concerns some members have had about the problems of filling up lower levels of the matrix (I posted my analysis on their forum) and adjusted their plan quite a bit.

You can now participate in the traffic exchange for free, or as a paid member. This is typical for traffic exchanges, and their $11 a month for pro membership is on the inexpensive side for most exchanges.

As a free member, you surf your three sites a day and get your site reviewed once in return. They have a set of review questions reviewers must answer, including one you specify yourself. The value of this cannot be stressed enough, since in typical traffic exchanges you have a couple of seconds to catch the surfer’s attention. In this one, they read your site looking for the answer to your review question.

As a paid member, you also surf your three sites a day and get your site reviewed once in return. You get some bonus credits, too, like most pro traffic exchange memberships. After you surf your three sites, you can get a better surfing ratio on additional sites you want to surf.

Both free and paid members get paid commissions on the upgrade fees of their personally referred members (50% for free members, 70% for pro members). You also get paid commissions on various recommended products the traffic exchange features (one per month, 30% for free members, 60% for pro members). These are nice commissions for free members, compared to other exchanges.

The matrix is gone. You have personally referred members, and that’s it. You earn based on the activity of your personally referred members. Anyone who joins the site without a referrer is placed randomly under a pro member.

This change is definitely for the better for The Power of a Dollar. They’ve focused on making a great traffic exchange, and not on building a matrix by earning new positions through surfing. Yet the earnings potential is still there, by referring other members to the exchange.

The traffic exchange should launch in the next week or so, at which point you’ll be able to start having your site reviewed. At first, only free memberships will be available. You can upgrade to pro when that becomes available if you wish, after you’ve had time to try it out for free.

Click here to signup.

8 Replies to “The Power of a Dollar Update”

  1. Do you find you get any regular readers from this type of traffic?

    If so, maybe a ‘make money online’ blog such as this is of such general interest, that any bloggers participating in a traffic exchange program will naturally be in your target audience.

    For my ‘regular’ blog, I’m skeptical. I used blogexplosion, but didn’t find many blogs I was interested in reading. As a reader, I *love* stumbleupon, as the quality is so high. I bookmark and continue to read many stumbled sites, but almost none of the sites from the traffic exchange sites.

    I think, for ‘regular’ non-meta blogs, if the goal is for traffic itself, then it works, as the traffic/page views are guaranteed. If you’re looking for regular readers, however, I think the time is better spent elsewhere. (It could be more worthwhile, if the reading experience were better. In contrast, I don’t consider stumble-time as wasted, and zero traffic results from it.)

    Am I missing something?

  2. No, you’re not missing anything. It’s all about targeted traffic. Traffic exchanges get people who are interested in more traffic to their site (e.g. internet marketing). So sites that can help them accomplish that, or blogs about internet marketing, work well on traffic exchanges.

    Now and then you’ll see someone use a traffic exchange to promote a site that isn’t in that niche. I can’t imagine they have much success with it.

    You have a better chance with Power of a Dollar than other traffic exchanges, because people will be reading your site. There’s the chance that you’ll hook them because of your topic or writing style, but I’d say your conversion rate would be around 1%, which probably makes it not worth the effort.

  3. I just did a web search for specialty traffic exchanges, ones that would serve something other than the Internet marketing niche. I couldn’t find anything relevant. Seems like there might be a market for something that would provide the traffic exchange benefit for personal blogs.

  4. Blog carnivals are certainly focused sets of links, and if you’re reading the blog they’re held on you’ll probably take a nice long look at the blogs that are linked.

    They’re a bit exclusive, though. Holding your own carnival is probably a good way to get other people looking at your blog, since they’ll want to submit to the carnival.

  5. Tyson, it’s the 20th KCC – Kosher Cooking Carnival. I’ve submitted recipes to it before. The hostess plans to be away for August, so I agreed to fill in for her. It will be my first time hosting a carnival.

    Here are the submission details, in case anyone here has any kosher recipes to share: KCC call for submissions

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