The Power of a Dollar Update

Regular readers will remember the Power of a Dollar, the program that started out as an MLM traffic exchange, and changed a few times before finally becoming what it is today.

What it is is a traffic exchange that gets people to read your site. I’ve talked about how it works before, but for the benefit of anyone new I’ll summarize. When you submit your site to run in Power of a Dollar, you put in a question that must be answered for a surfer to get credit for visiting your site. If you’re smart, you make it a question that can be answered only by reading the contents of the site.

The hope is that if someone actually has to read the site, they’ll be sucked in convinced of the value of your site and join (or buy, or whatever is is you want them to do).

I can report a bit on the surfing side of Power of a Dollar. It doesn’t take much longer than a regular traffic exchange to answer the questions about the sites. Most people aren’t being very smart about it, and often you can get the answer to the question at a glance. A few are being smarter, but it still generally takes only about the same 30 seconds you’d have to view the page at other traffic exchanges (at least if you’re good at reading fast).

On the marketing side of Power of a Dollar, I don’t have good data. The program I opted to advertise was My Traffic Empire. It’s a program with a one-time payment but good income potential, so I figured it would do well with the make money online crowd.

Unfortunately, half a dozen other people had the same idea. I’ve since switched to advertising Marketing Pond, which nobody else is doing on the exchange. It’s too early yet to know how well that’s going, though.

Power of a Dollar only has the free memberships working so far. Their pro memberships are being worked on by the programmer. Once the pro memberships are available, you’ll have the same sort of benefit as at other traffic exchanges. You’ll get to advertise more sites, get free website views each month, earn more commissions on your referrals’ purchases, etc.

So early results are mixed. My instinct is still that the exchange can be a good one, provided you do not use splash pages. Since visitors are actually reading your page, send them to your main site and force them to read through it all to answer the question. The details of your program might interest them enough for them to join (or buy, or whatever).

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