The Power of 10 Review

I ran across the Power of 10 the other day.

It’s an Internet marketing newsletter that claims you can generate $111,110 in 60 days. The newsletter is in prelaunch right now, but is supposed to launch Sept 4th. Unless you’re new to Internet marketing, you know that “prelaunch” really means, “get enough members so we can justify writing the newsletter”. I’ve timed this post to be published Sept 3rd, so you’ll have time to sign up before the first newsletter goes out.

As a bonus, they pay you $1 for every subscriber you refer to them. It gets better…you also get $1 for each subscriber one of your referrals refers. All the way down 5 levels. That’s where the $111,110 comes from, assuming you refer 5 people, they refer 5 people, and so on. You are limited to making a bit over $200,000, because they’ll only pay for a certain number of referrals on each level (unlimited on first level, 100 on second level, 1,000 on third level, and so on).

All told, they’re paying out $5 per subscriber. This tells you that they feel they can make money from the subscribers. There will be some links in the newsletter that will earn them money when you buy through them. What distinguishes a great newsletter from spam is whether their reviews are unbiased. We’ll have to see.

They’re also making money on the back end, by only making payments through Dig a little on both sites, and you’ll see that they’re owned by the same people. Again, nothing wrong with that, it’s only smart to make sure you get money out of your visitors in as many ways as possible.

The fact that they’re funneling payments through their own payment processor is encouraging for the content of the newsletter. They’re clearly not beginners at Internet marketing, and have some experience to share.

So how does the 60 days figure into it? Well, when you sign up there’s a One Time Offer. You can pay $10 to have the earnings limit removed, and that also gets you into their rotator. They guarantee that you’ll get 10 referrals from their rotator, which will pay you your $10 back. If each of your referrals also paid the $10 to get into the rotator, you’d quickly get a decent amount of cash.

Note that there’s currently a delay in deposits being processed through, so it’s likely you won’t be able to sign up for the OTO anyway.

Click here to sign up for the newsletter.

Update: on September 4th, they changed the launch date to be September 25th. This isn’t the first time they’ve pushed the launch back. Given that their back office lists over 7,500 subscribers, it makes you wonder why the delay. Either they’re having technical issues, which is always possible, or they’re holding out for more subscribers.

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