The Power of 10 Launches (Finally)

The Power of 10 launched finally.

For anyone who didn’t read the original review, the site is an Internet marketing newsletter that paid you to recruit free subscribers. The launch of this particular program is a textbook example of how not to launch a program.

Since we’re here to learn how to make money online, it’s useful to look at program launches that aren’t smooth in order to see what to avoid in our own.

I’ll Get Back To You Next Week

The Power of 10 had an original launch date back in August. That date was postponed to September, and then again to October. Their final launch-or-we’ll-give-all-the-money-back date came and went, and they finally launched a week or so after that.

All this postponing of the launch date ruins their credibility. It doesn’t matter if they know Internet marketing inside and out, their subscribers who have been in from the beginning will now read anything they write with skepticism.

We’ll Pay You For Free Subscribers…or Maybe Not

Another example of changing their plan in mid-stream is that they now only pay commissions on paid subscribers, and only to paid subscribers. This takes them out of the make money online free market and into the MLM market.

Since a great many of their initial subscribers signed up to make money for free, that’s a bad thing. Some may opt for the $20 one-time payment to earn commissions, since you’d only need to recruit 20 people to break even, but most will not.

The Power of 10 does still provide the free Internet marketing newsletter, you just don’t earn from referring free subscribers anymore.

PowerOf10 Step by Step System

They’ve been hyping this system all during the pre-launch, and it’s finally available. It’s a short ebook that is supposed to show you how to earn $111,110 in 60 days. The basic idea is that you pay to upgrade at The Power of 10, then you recruit 10 others in 10 days who also pay to upgrade. Then you help your referrals get their 10 upgrades in 10 days, and so on.

The logic is inescapable, but ignores the reality that most referrals won’t upgrade, and most who do won’t be able to recruit their 10, no matter how well you mentor them. And you can’t personally recruit their 10 for them in any reasonable amount of time.

The ebook does cover various free methods of advertising online, and even gives good advice about when to get into paid advertising (only after you’ve started to earn from your free advertising).

The main purpose of the ebook, though, is to get you to join GDI, a $10 a month webhosting company. GDI pays you $1 for each referral, down 5 levels, just like The Power of 10. But GDI pays each month, because it costs members $10 a month to keep their web hosting.

To their credit, the Power of 10 people have put a rotator link into the ebook. So when you sign up for GDI through the ebook link, you then send them your GDI username to get yourself into the rotator. So you’ll have a chance to get GDI referrals from other Power of 10 subscribers.

The main problem with recruiting people to GDI on the basis of how much money they can make is that it is an MLM. And ultimately, the people on the bottom pay money out without making their monthly fee back. Since they joined to make money, they’ll quit, which leaves their sponsors not making money. So they’ll quit, and so on, up the line.

To make money long-term with any MLM, you must recruit people who truly need the service being provided and are willing to pay for it even if they never make anything from the MLM.

Overall Impressions

The Power of 10 has left me with mixed impressions.

On the one hand, they screwed up the launch. Pre-launch buzz is a marketing tactic, not something you do while you’re trying to work the bugs out of whatever software you have to write and finalize your commission schedule. You start pre-launch buzz when your site’s ready to go, not before.

Doing anything else hurts your credibility.

On the other hand, they are trying to do the right things. They’re running a rotator to spread referrals to subscribers, which is something I’d have done (and am doing with my Traffic Exchange Secrets course).

The newsletter itself, ostensibly the product they’re providing, is a bit light on content but has good information. They link out to plenty of free information, other ebooks and audio/video courses.

I’m willing to give them some time to see if they shake off the pre-launch disasters and mature into a useful source of information.

Click here to see what the Power of 10 is all about.

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