The Magic Of Unsubscribing

Anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing is probably on a lot of email lists.

I’ve taken advantage of getting back from vacation to use that “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of a lot of emails that were waiting for me. I’d highly recommend this after a time away, since it’s a great opportunity to get some perspective on the lists.

Wading through hundreds of emails, many of them multiple emails from the same list, is a time when you can pretty accurately measure the ratio of content to advertisements in the list. Most lists are heavy on advertisement, and light on content. Going through multiple emails is also a great time to see which ones are all pushing the same affiliate products.

I unsubscribed from a lot of the lists I was on, and stayed subscribed only to those that were providing some decent content. One benefit is that it’ll take me far less time to process my email every day, now that I won’t have as many to simply delete out of hand.

Even if you aren’t going on vacation, I encourage you to put all those email list emails into a single folder for a week, and then go through them to see which ones are actually providing you value. Get rid of the rest.

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