The Importance of Focus

I’ve written before about the importance of focusing on a limited number of projects, rather than diluting your efforts across too many of them.

I’m probably at the point where I need to focus a bit myself, so I figured I’d revisit the idea. When you find yourself with too little time to make much progress on the projects you have, it’s time to evaluate if you want to cut some of them loose. I plan on doing this by writing down a list of all the projects I have going, and estimating how important each is to me, and how much time each takes.

Then in some way I’ll decide which ones to cut loose. Or not, maybe I’ll feel better for just having gone through the exercise.

This comes at a time when I have at least two new projects in mind, too. While I could probably keep all my current projects going indefinitely, there’s no time to add anything new.

I’ll cut this post short tonight, since I’m not entirely sure it’s making much sense (I have a head cold that kicked off today). When I’ve gone through the process of figuring out which projects to cut, I’ll do a post on how it all went.

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