The How To Get Paid For Free Subscribers Roundup

This post is a collection of sites that pay you to recruit free subscribers.

An example would be the old way that the Power of 10 was going to work, paying you $1 for every free subscriber you recruited. These sorts of programs are attractive, because it’s easier to recruit a free subscriber than it is to recruit a paid subscriber. The Power of 10 has since changed it’s plan to only pay for paid subscribers.

There are precious few other sites that work like this that I’ve found, but here’s a list of the best.

Resource A Day

Resource A Day pays you $0.40 for every free subscriber you recruit. They also pay you $10 for subscribing.

Before you get too excited about getting your $10 for subscribing and going out to eat on it, the minimum payout at the site is $50. So you need to earn an extra $40 from recruiting free subscribers to get that free $10 out.

Luckily, they do payout on multiple levels. You earn $0.20 on second level referrals, $0.05 on third level referrals, and $0.03 on fourth level referrals. If you recruit 6 new free subscribers, and they each recruit 6, and so on, you’ll have made about $60, plus your $10 for a total of $70.

This is clearly not a get rich quick program, but you do get paid for recruiting free subscribers. If you have a website that gets decent traffic, you could make some extra money each month from it.

Click here for Resource A Day. also pays you to recruit free subscribers.

Rather than set a dollar amount on each subscriber, though, the site gives you a share of the site’s profits just for subscribing. Each additional free subscriber you recruit gets you another share of the profits.

There will be a paid option at the site, too, and you’ll earn commissions on any of your referrals who opt for the paid membership.

Since the site is in prelaunch, you can signup here to reserve your share now, but you’ll have to wait to see what it’s worth.

Clix Sense

Clix Sense is a paid-to-read site that pays you to read advertisements. Clix Sense is one of the better PTR programs, and has a steady stream of advertisements waiting to be viewed for $0.01 each.

But they also pay you $0.10 for every free member who joins through your referral link. There’s an upgraded membership that makes a lot of sense if you’re going to work the site on the PTR aspect, and you get $5.00 if any of your referrals upgrade.

Click here to go to


I ran across some other programs that pay you to recruit free subscribers when I was researching this post, but they seemed a bit spammy. With the above programs, you can safely use your primary email address and not worry about getting spam emails.

I also have not included on this list sites that pay you for free subscribers, but require conditions other than a minimum payout to get your money, or sites that require new members to complete offers.

If anyone runs across other legitimate programs that pay for free subscribers, let me know and I’ll add them to this list.

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