The “Find A Crack” Contest

Following up on my post about niches and cracks, I thought it’d be fun to hold a contest to see who could come up with the best crack to be filled.

To enter, just post a comment here with the details of your idea. Include:

1) The crack that your idea fills (e.g. the stumbling block that currently exists)
2) How your idea fills the crack (e.g. makes things easier for people)
3) How your idea might be monetized, while still providing significant free services

Judging is entirely subjective, based on which idea I like the best. I’ll pick a winner July 1st, and announce the winner in July 2nd’s post.

The winner gets a month’s worth of 125×125 banner exposure here (in the spot currently occupied by the Brain Foggles banner). This exposure will start at the end of July, and run at least until September

The ideas that seem most doable will also get the opportunity to follow through on them over at The Advisory Panel. I can’t promise any of the ideas will get successfully implemented, but having a team of people working on it instead of just yourself raises the odds considerably.

So, what cracks have you run into lately?

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