The Demise of My First Ad, and more Swypefile

I’ve removed the DealDotCom widget from the sidebar.

As I’d mentioned before, it was an experiment to see how an affiliate like ad would do on the blog. The results, after two weeks, are in…it did horribly. The widget generated only about 5 click throughs the entire time, and at least one of those was me, testing the widget. And no sales.

Sure, given enough time it would have generated some sales, but I wasn’t particularly comfortable putting the widget in the sidebar in the first place. To overcome that discomfort, it would have had to generate regular sales, which is didn’t.

So the blog is back to being an ad free zone.

Swypefile, on the other hand, has been a success. I’ve put half a dozen of my posts on the site, and Sunday it generated about $3 in Adsense revenue for me. Since the site officially launches only today, that’s pretty good. As traffic to the site increases, the revenue should go up (provided I keep submitting posts).

If you write in the Internet Marketing arena, I highly recommend heading over to swypefile and putting some of your own posts on the site. You’ll get paid a bit for promoting your own blog. If you don’t write in the Internet Marketing arena, but read Internet Marketing blogs, you can also put posts from other blogs onto swypefile and earn from the Adsense on those pages.

Click here to get your free swypefile account.

3 Replies to “The Demise of My First Ad, and more Swypefile”

  1. I signed up on Monday and have had about $6.oo in adsense earnings. You need to use it like Digg and really become part of the community, if you share and comment others will do the same.

  2. Hi Ray, I agree 100%. Like they say on the swypefile website, log in daily to see what’s there, swype and comment on the ones you find interesting, and the site will work.

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