The Advisory Panel’s First Weekend

A program launch is a curious thing.

You work like mad for weeks and months ahead of the fact, trying to get everything working just right. If you’re smart, you invite a few friends in to test it, only to discover that you’ll need to rework the entire site. You frantically do that, because you want to launch the program and be done with it. The site ends up 1,000% better because of this, and you finally launch, only a week late.

You’ve advertised it in what you feel are the right places, you’ve asked friends who have related blogs to blog about it.

Then it’s out of your hands. You just have to wait and see if it’ll fly, or flop. I’m happy to report that the Advisory Panel seems to be flying. We don’t have 1,000 members yet, but the group we do have is interacting and seems to be learning from each other. We have a wide variety of experience levels from a wide variety of niches.

I’ve thrown down the challenge for members to form a group project, for which I’ll provide free web hosting until it shows a profit large enough to switch to paid web hosting. I see the Advisory Panel as growing into an online business incubator, with members grouping together to launch projects and sites.

If you’re not a member yet, come on over and join in!

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