The Advisory Panel Looking For Bloggers

The first sponsored blog over at The Advisory Panel is getting under way.

The niche chosen for the blog is stay at home jobs for parents. Topics could include freelance writing, ebay, affiliate marketing, etc. It’s a fairly large niche, but unified by the focus on parents who want to earn an income from home so they can stay with their children.

As a sponsored blog, the blog is hosted and paid for by the forum. Advisory Panel member volunteers will write the posts, and keep any affiliate income from links they put in their posts. The blog-wide advertisements will also generate income, and that’ll be split between the authors and the forum.

We’re only expecting each author to make one post a week. We’ll make up for that by having enough authors that the site itself is updated frequently enough to keep both the readers and search engines happy. And one post a week is easy enough for most anyone to fit into a busy schedule.

So if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at blogging, and the topic sounds like something you could write about, head on over to The Advisory Panel and toss your hat into the ring. We need a limited number of authors, but I expect this to be a sort of revolving cast. Authors may write for the blog for a few months, and then branch out into new blogs of their own with what they’ve learned from the experience.

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