Impact of Colors in Web Designing

What follows is a guest post from the folks over at on the importance of choosing the right colors for your site.  If you aren’t thinking about this sort of thing, you should be paying someone who is.

So you have to set up a good grouping of graphics and content on your website, but have you ever thought about the colors? If not, then you must, because colors are as vital part of your website as the graphics or content. The colors you select for your website design creates a lot of disparity. Being conscious that a smattering of colors can lead to an emotional reaction is the key to choose right colors for a website. Knowing what colors have a calming result and which cause feelings of anticipation can choose color scheme very easily. Colors can also be used to make difference and awareness to a design. Colors can direct users to definite parts of a webpage.

Color perception changes from one person to another. Color perception problems are more wide spread than people think, and have more causes and variations.

Colors have a deep affect on the moods of people. There are few colors that have certain effect on a person and summon particular emotions in them and as we know, emotions can be very hazardous to business. Let us see how colors effect the emotions of people through website:

  • Black is related with power, sophistication, modification, riches and mystery. In designing for the website, it can be used successfully with bolder colors to generate good contrast.
  • White is related with clean, simple, calm and purity. White color is used on websites a lot; it can communicate a sense of style and suggests that the content of website is sturdy enough to stand alone without any strong visual aid.
  • With intensions to lust, anger, fire and power – the color Red, to be used carefully, as it can be a great way to direct the user’s concentration to a certain area.
  • Related with color Blue, gives feeling of cold, royalty, stillness and air, blue is the best-used color for corporate websites. It generates a very different reaction to color Red.
  • Green represents nature, environment, peace and luck. Green is a successful color to use for a soothing consequence.
  • Envoy of joy, happiness, warning and energy, the color Yellow has a comparable affect to Red, although it is not as popular. Yellow can be used to highlight areas of a website. However, if it’s used too much, it can be an irresistible.
  • Inspiring up feelings of style, novelty, fashion and modification, the color Grey is frequently used on places that cover fashion, design and tech.
  • Purple is an amalgamation of blue and red. It does have the highlights of red, but has more bold properties than blue. It mixes up the images of royalty, faith and luxury. However, it isn’t regularly used color in designing websites.
  • Brown, mainly the lighter end can be very calming. Beige is also a popular color in web design as it gives an earthy and tranquil feeling. It also means tradition, poverty and Earth.
  • White is a great color to utilize on a website’s background to create a sagacity of space and modernism.

Knowing about what colors symbolize and their subconscious power can be of great advantage when designing websites. Knowing about the target audience, designers can choose colors considerately which connect to the end user thus making the website look eye-catching and tempting.

E-commerce websites can be amended by directing the user in the direction of the purchase button by drawing attention and building contrast.

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Author has vast experience in web design and has good knowledge in choosing colors for website. He has more than 5 years of experience in web designing.